Breeding Irish Draughts

The most versatile of breeds



" for performance, for showing, whatever the trend

the Irish Draught horse excels, and is a lifelong endearing friend".


Blue Peter x Knockavaher Pride



The hugely influencial stallion that left a legacy to be proud of -

the 'Blue' bloodline and 'five shades of grey'

Blue Henry was a superb example of the Irish Draught breed. An excellent straight free mover with natural elevation which made him very light on his feet. He had a lovely quality head, depth of body with powerful limbs and a good 10 inch of bone. Combined with an excellent temperament and impeccable pedigree he was an excellent choice to breed from.


Blue Henry was extremely versatile and competed regularly in affiliated dressage winning at medium level He was very successful showjumping (BSJA) and regularly took part in one day events, he also loved to hunt. Henry was NaSta Performance Tested and passed with flying colours, a rare accolade for Irish Draughts,


Henry's stock is known worldwide for quality, performance and movement, with prizewinners in all disciplines.


Because Henry was homozygous (had dominant gene (Gg) for grey) in his genetic make-up, this meant that all his first generation offspring would eventually turn some shade of grey regardless of the coat of the dam. His dam Knockavaher Pride was twice champion brood mare in Ireland, and was a daughter of Pride of Shaunlara.


Blue Henry was the only purebred son of Blue Peter in this country. He sadly died in 2004, a casualty to colic, but fortunately left the legacy of three purebred sons and two purebred mares. Just after his untimely death, his last colt was born. He was named "Last Orders" and was reluctantly sold to a breeder in the US. She made contact after seeing photos of him on our website as a foal and wanted a colt with his bloodlines. She never saw him in the flesh until he arrived at her stud, she was not disappointed, His other two sons remain at Kelston Stud. Blue Max achieved RID status i in 2006 and will be standing at Stud in Hampshire again in 2017. Blue Horizon is making his debut as a show cob this year. Blue Angel an outstanding filly was sold as a yearling. Kelston Madam Butterfly enjoyed a very successful competitive career in showing as a lightweight cob,and was a delight to ride side saddle, She also competed at medium level in affiliated dressage, particularly enjoying dressage to music. She competed in working cob classes, show jumping and at times was the Hunt masters mount. She is a great ambassador of how versatile the Irish Draught breed can be. Now though at 24 she has earned her retirement but still enjoys hacking out and escorting the young'uns.


Blue Henry x Clannad Bess

Currently competing Elementary Affiliated Dressage,

Show Jumping and ODE

Picture kind permission of Sophie Green

Blue Max achieved RID status in 2006 as a three year old. He has superb light extravagant free flowing paces for a heavy breed. He has inherited this from both his Sire and dam. Clannad Bess produced many a prizewinner from various sires and this combination was destined to be successful. Max has a lovely expressive head, full bold eyes and shows all the attributed of a quality Irish Draught Stallion.


Standing at just over 16hh his bloodlines, movement and temperament make him an excellent choice for any breeder. Frozen semen is available from Stallion AI Services this year.


Max is currently competing at Elementary level in affiliated dressage, He has won or been placed every time out.




Blue Henry x Clannad Bess

Debut year as LWT Cob

Blue Horizon is a bit of a squirt compared to his full brother Max. Standing at just over 15hh he has taken after his dam Clannad Bess who is also the dam of multi-champion "Polaris" aka (Blue Gray Amazement one of our homebreds). 'H' as he is affectionately known was her last foal and so is half-brother to the maestro himself and has that same lovely light ground covering way of going with a bit of lift and swing and is the nicest character possible - a delight.

He is making his debut on the LWT cob circuit later this season.


Blue Henry x Clannad Chance Desire


Versatility was her second name


Many wins as Ridden Cob/Side Saddle/Dressage/Jumping/Mount of the Hunt Master

Champion RID

The Irish Draught - a horse for all seasons


The Irish Draught is often thought of as a heavy farm animal used for agricultural work and for pulling carts. In the past farmers depended on such an animal to do such work and carry him in the hunting field. Therefore they had to be strong dependable, efficient, economical to keep and most importantly, stay sound for most of their working life. Nowadays the breed is most sought after here and abroad for their many other qualities, including its good quiet temperament, strength, stamina and eagerness to learn. The breed is renown as the best hunters in the world particularly when crossed with thoroughbred. It's ability as a bold hunter crossing the most testing of countrysides also makes the breed very successful eventers and showjumpers. Pure and part-bred alike they can be seen in most every corner of equestrian world performing with excellence in all disciplines, including in the show ring. They are indeed a horse for all seasons.


The characteristics of the Irish Draught are easily recognisable. Elegant head and neck carriage, broad between the eyes with big full kind eye. Powerful strong limbs with short shins. They have good strong feet able to stand the rigors and strains of hunting and jumping. Despite their build and size (15hh-18hh) they are incredibly light on their feet. When ridden the power of the Irish Draught is evident, the hindquarters when engaged give tremendous impulsion (the engine room) whilst the front remains light. To feel this wonderful lightness and power you need to have a test drive!


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